Suicide And Tinnitus: The Facts

Tinnitus, as with lots of chronic conditions, has a mental health aspect to it. It isn’t just a matter of coping with the symptoms. It’s finding the inner strength and resilience to do it regularly without knowing whether they will ever go away permanently. Sadly, for some, tinnitus can lead to depression. Chronic tinnitus has […]

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Hearing Aids – a Cure For Tinnitus?

It’s generally not clear what’s causing tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing in your ears). However, there is one thing experts agree on: you are more likely to develop tinnitus if you also suffer from hearing loss. According to HLAA as much as 90 percent of people who have tinnitus also have hearing loss. As you […]

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“What’s that annoying sound in my ears?” “How can I make that noise go away?” You may be suffering from tinnitus, a common hearing condition that manifests noises in your ears that no one else can hear, if you find yourself making these kinds of statements. You’re not by yourself. Tinnitus is a condition that […]

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