Why You Should Watch Your Aunt’s Hearing

As your loved ones age, you expect things like the need for bifocals or stories about when they were your age or changing hair color. Hearing loss is another change that we connect with aging. This happens for numerous reasons: Exposure to loud sounds (whether job-related or from going to rock concerts when younger), medications […]

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When the men and women of our armed forces return home from service, they often suffer from physical, emotional, and mental challenges. While healthcare for veterans is a continuing dialogue, relatively little attention has been paid to the most prevalent disabilities diagnosed in veterans: Hearing loss and tinnitus. Veterans are 30% more likely than civilians […]

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A loud workplace isn’t all that great for your ears (or your focus, for that matter). Your hearing health can be negatively affected by even modest noise levels if you’re exposed to it for several hours every day. That’s why it’s pretty smart to begin asking questions like, “what level of hearing protection do I […]

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Tips to Preventing Hearing Loss

It’s likely that you’ve already detected that you don’t hear as well as you used to. Usually, we don’t even realize that our choices are negatively impacting our hearing. Many kinds of hearing loss are preventable with a few simple lifestyle changes. Let’s look at six surprising secrets that will help you protect your hearing. […]

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Around two million workplace injuries are reported every year. When you think of on-the-job injuries, you may think of flying objects or a hand pulled into a piece of machinery at a factory. But there is a far more insidious on-the-job injury that is even more prevalent and frequently undetected. It sneaks up on people […]

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There are lots of health reasons to keep in shape, but did you know weight loss supports better hearing? Studies have demonstrated that exercising and healthy eating can reinforce your hearing and that individuals who are overweight have an increased possibility of dealing with hearing loss. Learning more about these connections can help you make […]

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