How Should I Care For my Hearing Aid?

How would you deal with it if your hearing aid quit working at the worst possible time. Like in the middle of a phone call? Nobody wants that to occur! It’s important to invest in hearing aids for your hearing, your happiness, and your general health. Keeping them functioning at maximum condition lets you obtain […]

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Signs of Aging Are Slowed Down by Hearing Aids

You’ve been seeking a way to maintain your youthfulness as you get older. Exercise, vitamins, and diet have all been part of your routine. You’ve already spent a lot on maintaining your hair and keeping wrinkles at bay. You’ve even tried out yoga. You can stay happy and youthful regardless of your age. But what […]

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The Unseen Reason For Solitude Among Adults

The chances of having to deal with hearing loss goes up as we grow older. Millions are coping with some amount of hearing loss. But often, seven years or more go by after the initial symptoms appear before people get help. Many older adults decide to disregard their hearing loss, which can negatively affect their […]

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Staving Off Alzheimer’s

Make no mistake: Keeping your mind clear and avoiding cognitive conditions including dementia and Alzheimer’s can be accomplished in numerous ways. Social engagement and involvement in the workforce are among the most notable. Whichever methods you employ to combat cognitive decline, however, keeping your hearing strong and using hearing aids if you need them will […]

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Are hearing aids really worth the money? It’s a question many people experiencing hearing loss ask when they look at the price tag of hearing aids. However, when you buy a house you don’t see the price and say, “well being homeless is cheaper!” What’s more, if you look beyond the price tag, you might […]

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6 Tricks to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last

6 Tricks to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last The key to making hearing aids cost effective lies in just one component–the batteries. It is one of the largest financial concerns consumers face when shopping for hearing aids because the costs of replacing them can add up fast. Even more concerning, what if the batteries die […]

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