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I became a Hearing Instrument Specialist to do one thing: Help improve the lives of our clients.

Finding the right hearing aids for you is about more than restoring your hearing. It’s about empowering you to enjoy your ideal lifestyle. Whether you’re a swimmer or a theater-goer, we’ll work with you to find a hearing aid that gets you back into the life you want to live.

Riley Williams, HIS, Licensed Hearing Specialist, Owner

Riley Williams, HIS
Licensed Hearing Specialist, Owner

Riley Williams entered the hearing aid industry in 2009, in Salt Lake City while going to school for Film.

What she thought would be just a job getting her through college, quickly became her passion. After working under amazing Audiologists, she decided to pursue her license and start a private practice of her own. As a member of the Colorado Hearing Society, she is passionate about innovative hearing care development within her community & over the past decade can look back on helping 1000’s of people on their journey to better hearing.


Hearing Loss Affects Your Health

Hearing Loss Affects Your Health

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